Ricola Sugar-Free Herb Throat Drops Lemon-Mint, 19 Drops

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Ricola Sugar-Free Herb Throat Drops Lemon-Mint, 19 Drops

  • – RICOLA SUGAR FREE LEMON-MINT THROAT DROPS: Ricola Sugar Free Lemon-Mint Throat Drops combine refreshing lemon balm with menthol and Ricola’s blend of Swiss herbs. Ricola throat drops offer relief from dry, scratchy, hoarse, or sore throats from colds.
  • – SWISS HERBAL BLEND: Ricola’s unique formula uses a secret blend of ten herbs grown in the Swiss mountains with natural farming guidelines. Our cough drops & sore throat lozenges offer the soothing relief of menthol with pleasantly herbal ingredients.
  • – RICOLA THROAT DROPS: Our throat lozenges have been trusted for coughs and sore throats from colds for over 75 years. Ricola is the original choice for relief, with soothing, calming menthol and the delicious flavor of our Swiss mountain herbal blend.
  • – HERBAL COUGH DROPS: Ricola has been trusted for cough & sore throat relief for generations. The soothing properties of Ricola’s cough drops bring together the taste of Swiss Alpine farmed herbs like peppermint, thyme & lemon balm in these tasty drops.
  • – RICOLA QUALITY: Compare the taste and ingredients of Ricola throat and cough drops to those from brands such as Halls, Ludens, Cepacol, Zarbee’s, Grethers, Buckely’s, Vick’s, Fisherman’s Friend, Burt’s Bees, Thieves, Honees, SoundHealth, & Wedderspoon.


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